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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur


Celestial Court is a Chinese restaurant housed in Sheraton Imperial KL that serves exquisite Cantonese Fusion food. They serve Dim Sum during the day and also cater for event and wedding functions in the evenings.


What stands out immediately about this restaurant is the modern balcony that is the entrance into this venue. Creatively this little architecture can be used very pleasantly for weddings to give it a great grand feel to your wedding.


Preceding this balcony is a long stairwell that can be nicely decorated as well. There are some seating areas that has a viewing window out to the KL city.




Should you want to book up the whole restaurant for your event, it is able to seat up to 100 people. Wedding set menus start from about RM168++ per person and they do have a minimum spending of RM17,000++ if you should want to reserve the whole restaurant.

They are also open to setting up a raised platform should you need a stage for you or your band.

Following Sheraton Imperial’s house rules, the restaurant is good for you to use until about 10.30pm for your event.

Something unique about this restaurant is also the availability of matching coloured Ratan chairs instead of your typical banquet chairs.

There are ample parking space for your guests and hotel jockey services are provided.


Celestial Court would be a cozy venue for Chinese food dining with its oriental contemporary interior and unique balcony design for your wedding.



1. Celestial Court Four Hot Combinations

This is the traditional ‘Four Season’ starter dish at your meal and Celestial Court adds their own twist into the menu.


The 4 mini dishes are:

  • Stir Fried ‘Kong Poh’ Topshell Szechuan Style
    My first bite into this dish was a nice crunchy feel and as I continue to chew on it, it has a great juicy follow-up
  • Deep Fried Spring Roll
    The uniqueness of this traditional dish is the ‘German Mee Hoon’ that blends well with the Chicken and Prawn paste
  • Steam Dumpling
    A very fresh tasting dish due to the way it is cooked to preserve the freshness of the prawn, and then combined with mince chicken, parsley and water chestnut
    [SECRET TIP!] I asked how they preserved the prawn’s freshness and Chef told me that they marinate the prawns with sugar for 1 hour and then flash it with water for another hour! This also helps get rid of its ‘fishy’ smell!
  • Beancurd Roll
    A unique twist to the traditional beancurd with prawn and fish paste, Chef adds unsalted cheddar cheese to the mix!


2. Braised Assorted Dried Seafood Soup and Crab Meat, Crab Roe

One of many hotels who has taken to a no shark’s in on the menu policy, Celestial Court offers this seafood soup which has an assortment of crab meat, crab meat roe, sea cucumber, dried scallop and abalone.

The soup is served in individual bowls so that it remains hot while you are drinking it.


The most important aspect of any great soup is its soup base and Chef uses his added secret ingredient of Chicken Feet to the normal whole chicken. This is because it creates a slight glazed feel to the soup that gives is the smooth texture.

3. Signature Roasted Duck with Spice Flavour in Thai Spicy Mango Sauce

Usually if you dine this dish at most other restaurant, the roast duck will be accompanied with a plum sauce. Chef at this restaurant instead… uses a Mango sauce! Hearing mango sauce for the first time, I figured that this sauce would be a sour tasting but NO!… It was a nice sweet sauce that combined so well with the crispy duck skin and had me craving for more! It was VERY appetizing and I could not stop eating it!!


4. Steamed White Pomfret Fish with Supreme Oil and Celery Broth

I personally steam fish at home so I kind of know that the 2 main points of a good steamed fish dish is the freshness of the fish, and the sauce. Chef creates this exquisite sauce by Deep frying the fish bone, then boiling it for 3 hours together with celery, mushroom and chicken. Once done, he then pours the sauce over the fish, adds a dash of cili padi and steams it.


When you first taste the dish, you can taste the little kick from the cili and this blends well with a fresh tasting soup-based sauce.

5. Stewed Fish Maw with Chinese Mushroom and Whole Dried Scallop and Garden Green

You can’t really go wrong with fresh vegetables. but the blend of the fish maw and dried scallops went very well with the traditional greens. The fish maw was well stewed and had great texture to it


6. Poached Live Tiger Prawn with Chinese Herbs and Shredded Ginger, Spring Onion Soya Broth Sauce

This dish had a good sized selection of fresh prawns and the minute the dish was served, we could smell the chinese herbs. Chef explained that they cooked the prawns to about 70% ready with chicken broth and then he adds the chinese herbs, ‘tong kwai’ and wolfberry for a quick while and serves immediately. This is the secret to preserving the firm and juicy texture while still allowing the prawns to quickly absorb the herbs.


7. Lotus Leaf steamed Rice with Assorted Meat

This is a mixed glutinous and fragrant rice steamed dish and topped with mushroom, dried scallop, chicken, prawns and bamboo shoots.


8. Chilled Sea Coconut with Small Fungus and Longan with Chinese Pastries

The sweet desert is nicely chilled and was a good end to our meal. This mixed well with the pastries which were red bean filled and cutely shaped into strawberry and orange looking fruits!



IMG_10030Executive Chinese Chef – Ho Boon

Chef Ho Boon started his trade at the age of 17 and to date has about 32 years of culinary experience. His specialty is Szechuan style cooking that he finds a lot of inspiration from reading a lot of recipes in any free time that he has. His trick is to first choose the name of the dish and from there work out what the dish should be and how it is cooked. I had a chance to meet Chef Ho Boon, and he was a very friendly mild mannered person and had no problems sharing with me his tips when I asked him.



VenueMenu Recommendation for Events/Weddings

Event Capacity: max 100 persons
Venue Table Arrangements: Mixture of round and square tables but can be flexible to change all to banquet tables.
Event Option: You can utilize the entrance balcony and have decorations placed in along the stairwell leading up to the restaurant. They will also have an option to setup a mini stage for a band if you wish to bring one.
Event Time: 12.30pm – 2.30pm OR 6.30 – 10.30pm (latest 11.00pm)
Location Convenience: Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur
Halal/Non-Halal: Pork-Free
Type of Cuisine: Chinese Cantonese Fusion
Minimum Charge: RM17,000++ to book the whole restaurant
Advance Booking Period: Minimum 1 week in advance, subject to availability
Guest Parking: RM8 nett
Average Price per pax: from RM168++
Price Range*: $$$$

*price range is my personal rating system out of the overall venues that we have been to. It is a rating of between $ to $$$$$

Celestial Court @Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

For reservations and enquiries, call +603.27179528


photos by Edwin Tan | Make-up by Agnes Yip

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